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The Queen of Wrath

Feb 5th (Friday)
So since I was in IN magazine last year I got invited to the Sexy in Salt Lake awards party, where pretty much they say for the overall year of 2009 who was the best looking one in the mag.
Of course I have voted for myself, but other than me I have been voting for a Wolverine cosplayer who wore his cosplay as his feature photo (lol).

Anyways, I get a free make over (hair & make up) which I will not be using. I think I would cry if I saw what a normal person would do to me xD
But I get a free massage, and on the night of the party (again- Feb 5) I get a free limo to drive me around :D

Soooo...   Who wants to come with me? n_n

War on the front lines...
I have been sent a Peace Thready, but I consider it a Deceleration of War.

I ruin lives, yet they still insist on being my friend.
I guess you should have thought of that before you tried to steal $1000+ from me :)

So Slow
So I must be behind with something....
Sugizo has joined X Japan!

It's -that- time of year again...
The time when I become a real bitch and start yelling at you about Meow-mas.
What is Meow-mas? You mean you don't know? (O o O)~!!

Meow-mas is Christmas, but for animals.

You see those starving kids on TV? -Fuck them!
You see a bum begging for money in exchange for a 'God Bless You'? -Fuck him!
You see a beaten woman hanging out at a shelter? -Fuck her!  - She should have made that pie the first time her man told her to! (lmao!)
The point is- Humans have this awesome thing called a GOVERNMENT  to take care of them. While animals have... nothing.

+ Please donate to local shelter and animal charities. A lot of Shelters are low on simple things like food & blankets. $5 can feed a lot more cats than ungrateful children :) And unlike humans, animals are grateful for even just one present.
+ If you have a pet- get them something nice that reminds them why they put up with your shit, don't notice how big your ass has gotten since Thanksgiving, and especially if they happen to be a big dog that protects your ass from getting robbed at night :)
+ If you see an animal outside in the cold- take it to the shelter or call animal control to come take it for you. You may think its sad to see animals in cages, but at least it will be warm and fed inside a cage.
+ And if you have a pet- for the love of God, keep it inside during the winter!

Happy Meow~mas!!!
(My kittys - Kato & Bloo. I spent $200 on them this year, and donated $100)

So while you are at the store, thinking about what to get little Timmy Scumbag, think if the little bastard really deserves it.

Best Pr0n EVER!!!!!!!!!
I found this DBZ Fanfic and I laughed my ass off! Seriously, I almost peed myself.
It's hilarious if you know the DBZ characters and story.
**I did not make this, this is simply a repost to share this awesome rockin literature.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Vegeta is a god. If you did not know that, you are obviously not a fan of DBZ. Either that or you own a penis and you do not wish to stick it up his ass. Shame on you.

Vegeta rides down upon his magical thundercloud, wielding a large bronze thunderbolt that magically conducts electricity into the worthless sack of jelly that is your body. With a transcendental crown of laurel and a toga that proves how manly and immortal this Saiyan war god is-- strike that. Vegeta is Zeus. He is the moon, the sky, the Earth, the sun, the entire universe.
He pwns you.
Glorify him. Worship him. Brush his hair.


"Smooch, smooch, smooch," said Vegeta as he lavished thousands of wet, sloppy kisses that had lots of tongue slipped in there, upon Bulma. "Smooch, I love you, smooch."
Bulma sat up in her lacy bra, the contents spilling out almost indecently if not for the boobie tassles that covered her nipples. The same rosy nipples that Vegeta liked to pinch and pluck and lick. Only this time she urged Vegeta to kiss her mouth first before traveling southward.
"I must make fiery passionate love to you although I'm an alien prince with no background of being a master lover or a virgin," he moaned as Bulma climbed atop the table and began to put the boobie tassels to work.
Vegeta's eyes turned into swirls and watched her fleshy lumps gyrate like clothes spinning in a washing machine. Yamcha was watching in the window, pervert that he was, and hollered, " Yeah, baby! Shake it like it was 794 AD!"
Vegeta promptly Gallic-gunned his ass and tore off Bulma's pasties, giving her his sly smirk™. Feeling masculine and manly in her dainty, pale arms, Vegeta ripped off his pants, smirked™ again for the zillionth time before Bulma smacked his smirking™ face.
"Stop your damn smirking™ and fuck me already!" she demanded, digging her nails into his sinewy flesh.
Vegeta smirked™ again because he wasn't able to contort his facial muscles into an actual smile. He thrust inside of Bulma's hot, wet, tight, bald, polka-dotted pussy several times before they both succumbed to a blissful orgasm that rocked the very foundations of Akira Toriyama's world. Needless to say volcanoes erupted, earthquakes shook Satan City, and Goku rolled over in his grave.
Vegeta pulled his giant dick out of Bulma, which was now flaccid because he put all his sper-ummm inside her so they could all race to see who could attach to an egg first. A shrimpy sper-ummm made it there first, hissing at the others until they went away.
"Mine! Mine! Mine!" the sper-ummm declared vehemently in a high-pitched voice. Eerily similar to Puar's.
Nine months later, Vegeta pulled the pistol out of his sock drawer upon seeing a strand of lavender hair. The funeral was short and everyone had jelly-filled donuts afterwards because everyone is always hungry after a funeral.


"Bitch!" screamed Yamcha as he slapped Bulma, sending her crashing into the wall.
The impact of the blow crushed her skull, blood poured out from every orifice in her body, yet she began to cry through her unconsciousness. Yamcha kicked her repeatedly in the stomach until she began to bleed there too, and she lay in a mangled heap after Yamcha snapped her neck.
A couple of hours later, Vegeta sauntered into the house, beams of light illuminating his godliness as he saw his blue-haired goddess bent over sobbing in the corner. Blood crusted her face and her body, but Vegeta didn't care. He scooped her up into his arms, kissing away her tears.
"Did that bastard Yamcha do this to you?"
"Yes! Murder him! Cut his freakin' balls off!" Bulma whooped as Vegeta flew out a window despite the glass that splintered. She slipped out of her damsel-in-distress costume and counted the money she would get for Yamcha's deceased ass on two fingers.
He flew and flew and flew until he found the scoundrel sitting in a bar, smoking a joint and inebriated beyond normal human capacity. Vegeta roundhoused Yamcha's ass, then beat him into a bloody mess. Yamcha's head hung on to his body by a thin strip of skin, but then Vegeta tore off his head and threw it at Tien, Yamcha's homosexual lover.
Tien lamented the loss of his boyfriend, but went back home to the mountains and sodomized with Chiaotzu instead.
"I killed him," Vegeta smirked™ as he carried Bulma back into the house and ravished her.


"Oh, Kakarot!" moaned Vegeta as the big, sexy beast named Goku pumped himself into Prince Veggie mercilessly, leaving a whole lot of bodily fluids to stain the sheets and the body of his prince.
"So...tight!" Goku groaned.
"Oh, Kakarot!" Vegeta blushed, hiding demurely behind one his gloves.
"NOM NOM NOM, YOU ARE MINE, VEGGIE," Goku growled as he bit into Vegeta's sexy caramel-colored shoulder which tasted more like sweat and not caramel. "NOM NOM NOM NOM."
Blood spattered everywhere much like the unnamed bodily fluids and they both laid there, spent. That is until Goku sported another massive erection and the author of this story doesn't have any clue about priapism.
"Let's have another round, shall we?" Goku said as he crushed Vegeta's lips to his own.


This does not exist. Kakarot's spoon belongs in Vegeta's jellyjar.

"Okay, Kakarot," Vegeta said as he straddled Bulma's hips. "You get behind me, because you're the strongest Saiyan in the entire universe and you probably have more stamina than me."
"Right," Goku agreed as he grabbed Veggie's butt. "Let's get this party started!"
Bulma smirked, but Vegeta smirked™ with his trademark and Bulma frowned. She would have to pay a trip to the patent office, except that the author got all confuzzled and forgot which was a copyright or a trademark. Maybe they were they same thing.
But that doesn't matter though, because the three of them moved like a well-oiled machine. More like a well-sweated machine. Goku's skin slapped against Vegeta, Vegeta's skin slapped against Bulma, and Bulma's skin slapped against the bed.
After they were all done smearing the bed with their bodily fluids, Bulma laid in Vegeta's arms, Vegeta laid in Goku's arms and Goku asked where the cheese was that Vegeta promised him if he would have a threeway with them.
"It's in the fridge, Kakarot."
Goku bounded off to the kitchen upon hearing this.
Miles away, by Mount Paozu, Chi-Chi sat bawling on the recliner, putting in her hair-rollers and smearing facial cream all over her tear-streaked countenance. Goten sat on the floor with Trunks playing kissy-face because Trunks saw "Daddy kissing Kakarot under the mistletoe last night." Gohan was out in Satan City pimping Videl out to various thugs and collecting his money.
Chi-Chi read her yaoi doujinshi and lamented that Bulma always got to be the woman in the threesome. She didn't know why. Chi-Chi had bigger boobs.

A Thursday like Any Other, Only this Time- the Liquor Store is Closed
Gobble Gobble Gobble
Free grub Rocks!

My review of Anime Banzai 2009
Every year I get excited for this con, and every year at the end, I always end up hating it.
Prepare to be Offended!Collapse )

Anime Banzai -EEEEK!
The anime banzai schedule has just been posted xD
omg- Jrock & Dissidia brawl? I think I am going to poop my pants @____@
Anyways, so the opening ceremonies start at 10:30 but I'm hoping to be there at 10am.
If anyone needs a ride, or would like to sleep over at my place on thursday night, so we can get ready friday morning together, let me know! I'll make rice balls & Gyoza for our din-din Thursday night ^.^ I'll also have my car at the con so we can shove all our cosplays in it xD
How many times can I make xD face?
OMG, I haven't even looked at saturday or sunday schedule yet and I'm already super excited...
(^ o ^)~~~ $%#@?&

Seeing Kyo once again ^.^
I'm going to west hollywood in Nov to see Dir en gry. I'm super excited cuz for this tour- Diru has booked nothing but 21+ venues xD Tht means this will be a GREAt show.
I want to be front row, and scream for Kyo as loud as I can ^^ I'm happy I get to see him again, so soon (it's only been a year!)

However, I do get the choice of seeing them on Nov 18 in Denver, and I'd get to see Warumono too. But Denver sucks and is cold, and Nov 18th sucks and is on a wednesday.
So unless Waru kicks and screams and forces me to see the show with him, then I won't be going to Hollywood.

Hmmm... maybe I'll get to see Shion too, and I'll kick him in the face xD 

This is what I do all day xD
and I get paid for it xDDDD
I am the Kefka that won ^o^
Kefka is totally a Bishonen, right up there with Ganondorf xDDD lmao!!!


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