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Seeing Kyo once again ^.^
I'm going to west hollywood in Nov to see Dir en gry. I'm super excited cuz for this tour- Diru has booked nothing but 21+ venues xD Tht means this will be a GREAt show.
I want to be front row, and scream for Kyo as loud as I can ^^ I'm happy I get to see him again, so soon (it's only been a year!)

However, I do get the choice of seeing them on Nov 18 in Denver, and I'd get to see Warumono too. But Denver sucks and is cold, and Nov 18th sucks and is on a wednesday.
So unless Waru kicks and screams and forces me to see the show with him, then I won't be going to Hollywood.

Hmmm... maybe I'll get to see Shion too, and I'll kick him in the face xD 


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