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Anime Banzai -EEEEK!
The anime banzai schedule has just been posted xD
omg- Jrock & Dissidia brawl? I think I am going to poop my pants @____@
Anyways, so the opening ceremonies start at 10:30 but I'm hoping to be there at 10am.
If anyone needs a ride, or would like to sleep over at my place on thursday night, so we can get ready friday morning together, let me know! I'll make rice balls & Gyoza for our din-din Thursday night ^.^ I'll also have my car at the con so we can shove all our cosplays in it xD
How many times can I make xD face?
OMG, I haven't even looked at saturday or sunday schedule yet and I'm already super excited...
(^ o ^)~~~ $%#@?&


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