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It's -that- time of year again...
The time when I become a real bitch and start yelling at you about Meow-mas.
What is Meow-mas? You mean you don't know? (O o O)~!!

Meow-mas is Christmas, but for animals.

You see those starving kids on TV? -Fuck them!
You see a bum begging for money in exchange for a 'God Bless You'? -Fuck him!
You see a beaten woman hanging out at a shelter? -Fuck her!  - She should have made that pie the first time her man told her to! (lmao!)
The point is- Humans have this awesome thing called a GOVERNMENT  to take care of them. While animals have... nothing.

+ Please donate to local shelter and animal charities. A lot of Shelters are low on simple things like food & blankets. $5 can feed a lot more cats than ungrateful children :) And unlike humans, animals are grateful for even just one present.
+ If you have a pet- get them something nice that reminds them why they put up with your shit, don't notice how big your ass has gotten since Thanksgiving, and especially if they happen to be a big dog that protects your ass from getting robbed at night :)
+ If you see an animal outside in the cold- take it to the shelter or call animal control to come take it for you. You may think its sad to see animals in cages, but at least it will be warm and fed inside a cage.
+ And if you have a pet- for the love of God, keep it inside during the winter!

Happy Meow~mas!!!
(My kittys - Kato & Bloo. I spent $200 on them this year, and donated $100)

So while you are at the store, thinking about what to get little Timmy Scumbag, think if the little bastard really deserves it.


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