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Feb 5th (Friday)
So since I was in IN magazine last year I got invited to the Sexy in Salt Lake awards party, where pretty much they say for the overall year of 2009 who was the best looking one in the mag.
Of course I have voted for myself, but other than me I have been voting for a Wolverine cosplayer who wore his cosplay as his feature photo (lol).

Anyways, I get a free make over (hair & make up) which I will not be using. I think I would cry if I saw what a normal person would do to me xD
But I get a free massage, and on the night of the party (again- Feb 5) I get a free limo to drive me around :D

Soooo...   Who wants to come with me? n_n

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I'll come i guess~ :D WHat time is it?

Not sure yet, I got to email the lady back and see the full extent I can use this limo too :P
I hope its not like a limo/bus service where it comes at a certain time and I have to share it with stinky people :/

Aww that sounds like fun.


Порно (

So how was it? Did you have fun? =)

Have a good birthday this week! Hope you're still doing well!

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